'Dubai police are incentivised to secure drugs convictions and they do not care whether there is evidence against that person to prove the guilt.'Radha Stirling says many people in Dubai are forced to confess to crimes they haven't committed. 

17 October 2021

5 News TV report on Billy Hood, sentenced to 25 years in notorious Dubai jail after his visiting friend left tiny bottles of mixed CBD vape oil in Billy's company car.  

15 October 2021

Billy Hood has been sentenced to remain in Dubai's notorious prison until his 49th birthday.  But what is the UK Embassy and British FCDO going to do to help him?  Billy's mother says they've done nothing to date and they don't even have an obligation to help.  At what p...

14 October 2021

Press Release:

12 October 2021

“You make a video just for our internal media purposes or option 2, well you won’t like option 2.”

17 September 2021

Escalating diplomatic efforts for Brit detained in Dubai

13 July 2021