The UAE’s government controlled newspaper published a self praising article in response to the media coverage of Billy Hood’s 25 year sentence in Dubai, claiming he was “treated well” by authorities, angering Billy’s family who know first hand, this was not the case.

17 October 2021

Join Billy's friends and supporters today, calling on the British government to help Billy come home. Radha Stirling, CEO of Detained in Dubai has set up a petition to the UK government to increase travel warnings to the UAE based on ongoing and repeated unfair detention...

16 October 2021

A frail 72 year old retired great grandfather is a “pack of bones” after being ripped from a flight home to Australia to be reunited with his family after a year of being stranded in Africa during covid. The father of two, who is suffering from dementia, was desperate to...

15 October 2021

5 News TV report on Billy Hood, sentenced to 25 years in notorious Dubai jail after his visiting friend left tiny bottles of mixed CBD vape oil in Billy's company car.  

15 October 2021

Billy Hood has been sentenced to remain in Dubai's notorious prison until his 49th birthday.  But what is the UK Embassy and British FCDO going to do to help him?  Billy's mother says they've done nothing to date and they don't even have an obligation to help.  At what p...

14 October 2021

Prisoner warns Billy Hood's family “Britain won’t help you”.

13 October 2021

Press Release:

12 October 2021

Interpol & Extradition
American woman's life has been torn apart by Qatar's abuse of the Interpol Red Notice system, raising serious human rights concerns.

30 September 2021

A 44 year old PTSD sufferer and Afghanistan veteran (Army & Navy) has been detained in Dubai over a bank debt he was working to repay. The war survivor accepted a UAE government contract in 2012 following his role in Afghanistan. He relocated, settled in and like any...

29 September 2021

Harrowing call from Dubai Prison.  Listen to the podcast below.

21 September 2021