Princess Latifa
Dubai’s royal family have used the Instagram account of a British skydiver to publish photos of Princess Latifa at an Emirates Mall cafe and waterfront seafood restaurant. We are advised to expect more photos.

23 May 2021

A photo of Princess Latifa has been circulated on Instagram by skydiving instructor, ironman triathlete and former Royal Navy member Sioned Taylor.

22 May 2021

André Gauthier est de retour chez lui après avoir vécu un véritable cauchemar judiciaire à Dubaï

10 May 2021

Press Release: FCO talks to grandfather beaten & forced to drink from toilet in Dubai jail

10 May 2021

Press Release: André Gauthier returns to Canada after Dubai jail nightmare

9 May 2021

Celebrity support increases for grandfather detained in Dubai

7 May 2021

American detained in Dubai is not alone. Why does Dubai jail tourists?  UAE lobbying has suppressed criminality for over a decade and it is US citizens who pay.

16 April 2021

Dubai police arrest American man for possession of hashish consumed OUTSIDE the UAE

10 April 2021

Debt Enforcement & Management
There is a common misconception, even among debt experts, that Dubai banks don’t have a legal right to collect debts in other countries. Unfortunately this is just not true.

9 April 2021

A newly published report by The Daily Beast’s Adam Rawnsley details how Ras Al Khaimah used an Israeli private intelligence company to hack American and European citizens deemed enemies of the regime of Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi.

7 April 2021