Between the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, the Emirates Investment Authority, Mubadala, and the Investment Corporation of Dubai; the UAE’s Sovereign Wealth Funds control well over $1 trillion. That is roughly equivalent to the total assets of the China Investment Fund,...

7 December 2022

Due Process International
Radha Stirling in Modern Diplomacy

1 December 2022

Abuse of the Interpol system by countries around the world has been steadily increasing in recent years, with Gulf States leading the trend. Of particular concern are those countries which have positioned themselves as investment destinations for foreign business people...

21 September 2022

UAE Property Developer Scams - La Hoya Bay - Ras Al Khaimah

27 June 2022

Award-winning businessman and innovator, Dr Khater Massaad, has warned investors to stay away from Ras Al Khaimah after years of fighting off frivolous Interpol notices, extradition requests and international freezing orders that have no legal basis.

12 February 2021

Stirling has contacted the UAE ambassador to Switzerland, the Swiss ambassador to UAE, the Swiss-UAE business council, and the Swiss Foreign Office, as well as multiple global investment groups, warning that Ras Al Khaimah cannot be considered a stable destination for bu...

28 January 2021

The UAE invests a great deal in media advertising; marketing the country globally as a desirable tourist destination and hub for business. It can be disconcerting because one can be looking at an Emirates advertisement on one side of their newspaper, while reading anothe...

28 December 2020

Gulf in Justice Podcast reveals Israelis keen to do business with the UAE might be jumping in the deep end, risking their reputations and even their lives.  UAE expert Radha Stirling, discusses the issue in depth.Detained in Dubai CEO, Radha Stirling, has warned Israelis...

21 December 2020

Discussed:  RISKS to Israelis keen to invest in Dubai - Sean Hannity weighs in.The Israeli commerce sector is excited for reciprocal trade and commerce, looking forward to openly accepting Arab investors into local activities. But what does the future hold for unsuspecti...

20 December 2020

Influential Emiratis have cheated expats out of their businesses, cash and assets by falsifying criminal charges and even having them wrongfully jailed. Initially such abuses seemed isolated but are now accepted to be endemic. Foreign governments are being asked to warn ...

29 November 2020