Dubai Unlocked: Is Dubai really a safe haven for fugitives?  Interpol & Extradition expert, Radha Stirling, the founder of Detained in Dubai, looks into it.

17 May 2024

James Hutchinson has been told he won't be a free man until he pays thousands of pounds in compensation to the family of a cyclist he killed in a road accident back in 2013. Detained in Dubai has called upon Hutchinson's MP to raise his plight to UAE Ambassador and the F...

14 August 2023

Interpol & Extradition
Indian citizens are more likely to be imprisoned in the UAE than in any other country in the world. “There are over 8,000 Indian nationals incarcerated in foreign jails,” says Radha Stirling, CEO of Due Process International and founder of Detained in Dubai, “Roughly hal...

24 January 2023

At a time when the UAE refuses to take calls from US President Joe Biden, hosts Russian President Vladimir Putin, and cuts oil production during a worldwide energy crisis; many observers wonder whether the Emirates is a friend or foe of the West. All the while, the ambi...

30 November 2022

The inquest into the death of British citizen Lee Bradley Brown, who died in a Dubai police station 11 years ago, heard that the number of new cases of Britons reporting torture or mistreatment in Dubai to the Foreign Office had surged from 3 per cent of the global tota...

24 November 2022

China is playing the long game and if left unchallenged, will secure Beijing's control over the global economy for the next century.  

15 December 2021