Brits arrested in Europe by Interpol for Dubai debts

3 British Nationals arrested in 3 months in Europe on Interpol notices issued by UAE banks for minor unpaid credit card or loan payments
Trapped by debt in Dubai

Trapped as Dubai dream goes sour. Brits stuck in homelessness nightmare surviving on handouts.
Dubai Interpol debt victim saved by UK NGO, Detained in Dubai.

UK based NGO, Detained in Dubai, has secured the release of a British woman, who declines to be named, after a month detained in Italy, waiting to hear if she would be extradited to serve a lengthy term in a Dubai desert jail
Leaving Dubai with debts? Prepare properly, expats warned.

Dubai residents who miss debt payments should make sure they are out of the country before trying to restructure.
Thousands of Brits stuck in Dubai because of unpayable debt.

Brit Jonathan Castle one of thousands stuck in "Dubai homelessness nightmare" surviving on handouts because of unpayable debt in UAE
Locked down and locked out; Scotsman homeless and stranded in Dubai

After a series of hardships, British national Malcolm David Faren finds himself penniless and on the street in UAE, with no visa and no passport and no way to go home.