The Interpol’s credibility is once again on the line as a top Emirati cop is vying to become the head of the international police agency.

The UAE is one of the biggest abusers of the interpol database, which is used to issue Red Warrants for arresting people in other countries.
UAE initiated extradition requests in Spain & Abroad

The UAE has drawn foreigners to its shores for a number of years, attracted to the well marketed allure of a glamorous, affluent lifestyle with unmatched business opportunities.  While some foreigners have enjoyed a genuinely positive experience, others have suffered jud...
Brits’ release from Interpol detention nightmare secured, by tireless NGO: Detained In Dubai

A UK based NGO has secured the release of a British woman, who declines to be named, after a month under arrest in Italy, waiting to hear if she would be extradited to serve a lengthy term in a Dubai desert jail. Her crime? She simply fell behind on her credit card payme...
US urged to promote democratic leadership in Interpol

Interpol has come under increased scrutiny over the past decade, as countries notorious for human rights violations, have abused their membership with Interpol to expand their powers of arrest beyond their borders, resulting in countless arrests that never should have ha...