Interpol & Extradition
A British woman is lobbying for the release of her new husband, Karim Ennarah who was arrested while on a Red Sea holiday with friends, where she had intended to join him in a few days.

12 February 2021

Thirteen years ago, Radha Stirling for the first time, navigated Dubai’s complex and foreign legal system to secure the release of her friend and colleague, Cat Le-Huy, who had been held on fabricated and baseless charges.  Since then, Stirling’s organisation “Detained i...

20 January 2021

Meet our CEO, Radha Stirling.  Stirling founded the organisation in 2008 in response to ever increasing requests to help people who faced the same injustice as her friend had experienced and for whom she campaigned.Since 2008, Detained in Dubai has helped many thousands ...

28 December 2020