Interpol & Extradition
The appointment of the UAE's General Al Raisi as Director of Interpol has sparked concerns amongst the expat community in Middle Eastern countries. Qatar and the UAE have remained top abusers of the Interpol Red Notice system, issuing notices against foreigners for alleg...

4 January 2024

Due Process International
Radha Stirling in Modern Diplomacy

1 December 2022

Coroner tells FCDO to increase Dubai travel warnings.

23 November 2022

Danish citizen successfully removed from Interpol.

11 May 2022

Stirling removes another two Interpol Red Notices in January

13 February 2022

Interpol & Extradition
Interpol and UAE both under fire for corrupt practices and human rights abuses.  Interpol, extradition and UAE expert, Radha Stirling issued a statement today:

23 November 2021

Meet our CEO, Radha Stirling.  Stirling founded the organisation in 2008 in response to ever increasing requests to help people who faced the same injustice as her friend had experienced and for whom she campaigned.Since 2008, Detained in Dubai has helped many thousands ...

28 December 2020

Miami accountant Danielle Jeffries, 58, is the latest American to face the Dubai justice system where she’s been sentenced to jail, a hefty fine and deportation for crimes she didn’t commit.

26 December 2020