Sheikh Mohammed’s right hand man faces English High Court on Tuesday the 25th of May.

24 May 2021

Due Process International
‘Fitch must review new Ras Al Khaimah evidence’, says UAE expert

6 May 2021

Lawless Sheikh's unbridled acts against foreign nationals seriously undermining Abu Dhabi's efforts to recover economy - Swiss businessman Dr Khater Massaad has had enough.

19 January 2021

New York District Court orders damages in claim against agents of “corrupt UAE ruler” who “targeted him due to his intricate knowledge of illicit oil trade with Iran, contraband trade and loss of billions of dollars of state funds”.

15 January 2021

Litigation & Civil Justice
£1 billion lawsuit by British national alleges vast conspiracy by UAE elites to deprive him of rights in multimillion pound  partnership; Baker Mckenzie chairman Habib Al Mulla alleged to have orchestrated a campaign of legal corruption on behalf of powerful business fam...

25 August 2020