Press pack by Detained in Dubai on Debt in Dubai

25 September 2022

Dubai KPMG subsidiary scandal a ‘wake-up call’ for global firms

22 September 2022

Most people probably believe that Dubai is home to a vibrant and luxurious property market. However, those more familiar with the UAE city-state know that this apparent real estate oasis in the desert can become investment quicksand the moment you sign the dotted line....

21 September 2022

Debt Enforcement & Management
Nerve wracking: Will I be arrested at the airport?

8 September 2022

James Cleverly - British prisoners & human rights victims hold hope for new Foreign Minister

7 September 2022

UAE & Qatar Banks Chasing American Debts - damaging credit ratings abroad and reporting customers as international fugitives on Interpol's database.

17 August 2022

Interpol and Extradition expert, Radha Stirling announced the deletion of an Interpol Red Notice against her Australian client, issued by The Republic of Korea (ROK).

15 August 2022

Asim Ghafoor, the former lawyer of Jamal Khashoggi, was arrested in Dubai while in transit on his way to Turkey.  Ghafoor, and American citizen, had been charged and convicted in absentia on charges of money laundering and sentenced to 3 years imprisonment; but it is bel...

17 July 2022

New Dubai Drug Laws for Billy Hood?

24 January 2022

Outlook Magazine, September 2021

19 September 2021