Interpol & Extradition
When South Africa ratified an extradition treaty with the UAE in 2018, officials assumed this would fast track requests like the Gupta brothers who are accused of a number of corruption and fraud related crimes. The treaty put South African citizens at risk of extraditi...

11 April 2023

Steve Long, the British veteran and paramedic whose background working with bomb disposal units caused him to have a mental breakdown in Abu Dhabi airport last month, telling staff he believed there was a bomb on the plane, has been transferred from psychiatric hospital ...

10 March 2022

72 year old great grandfather William Meyerhoff was arrested en route to Australia over bounced cheque allegations from a company he worked for over a decade ago. UAE diplomats promised to release him, saying “we sometimes make mistakes”.

18 October 2021

A 44 year old PTSD sufferer and Afghanistan veteran (Army & Navy) has been detained in Dubai over a bank debt he was working to repay. The war survivor accepted a UAE government contract in 2012 following his role in Afghanistan. He relocated, settled in and like any...

29 September 2021

The first thing most foreign nationals do when they experience problems abroad is to contact their embassies.  It is fair to say that people expect their countries’ diplomats to swoop in and protect them with all the weight of their governments behind them, particularly ...

6 July 2021

UAE corruption to be exposed by a team of investigative journalists and certified fraud examiners working with Detained in Dubai and their clients.

16 June 2021

“Nevada resident Peter Clark, from California, was finally freed from Dubai after his 2 month ordeal which cost him $50,000.  Peter was deported late Tuesday night on a flight via Doha to New York.”.

21 April 2021