James Hutchinson has been told he won't be a free man until he pays thousands of pounds in compensation to the family of a cyclist he killed in a road accident back in 2013. Detained in Dubai has called upon Hutchinson's MP to raise his plight to UAE Ambassador and the F...

14 August 2023

Interpol & Extradition
Detained in Dubai has secured the removal of another client’s name from the Interpol database after being subjected to an abusive Red Notice at the request of Qatar.

27 April 2023

James Cleverly - British prisoners & human rights victims hold hope for new Foreign Minister

7 September 2022

Crispin Blunt today condemned the lack of British intervention over a constituent, Mr Christopher Emms, detained in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a result of a US abuse of the Interpol Red Notice System.

22 August 2022

3 young Brits released from Dubai after rental car ‘episode’.

16 August 2022

Steve Long, the British veteran and paramedic whose background working with bomb disposal units caused him to have a mental breakdown in Abu Dhabi airport last month, telling staff he believed there was a bomb on the plane, has been transferred from psychiatric hospital ...

10 March 2022

Dubai Police “Human Rights Captain” Meets Albert Douglas

2 March 2022

“UK’s Top Diplomatic Priority” - UAE’s Torture of British Citizen, Albert Douglas

7 February 2022