Interpol & Extradition
Scottish construction engineer Brian Glendinning has been locked up for two months in egregious conditions in a Baghdad jail after Qatar issued an Interpol Red Notice for bank debt.

7 November 2022

James Cleverly - British prisoners & human rights victims hold hope for new Foreign Minister

7 September 2022

The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) with its 14,000 staff is tasked with promoting British interests abroad but the government department’s goals are often conflicting in nature, leaving diplomats in confusion over priorities, placing British citizens...

23 March 2022

The unthinkable is happening right now in the UAE. After decades as one of the few countries in the Arabian Gulf to not be targeted in terrorist attacks, the United Arab Emirates has suffered multiple drone and missile strikes over the past several days. The Emirates’ ...

26 January 2022

Detained in Dubai reflects on 14 years of service

20 January 2022

The UAE’s government controlled newspaper published a self praising article in response to the media coverage of Billy Hood’s 25 year sentence in Dubai, claiming he was “treated well” by authorities, angering Billy’s family who know first hand, this was not the case.

17 October 2021