The United Arab Emirates has long been a close ally of the United States, with the two countries cooperating on issues ranging from security to trade. However, since at least the outbreak of the Ukraine war, tensions between the two nations have been on the rise, largely...

20 April 2023

The recent arrest of Kaz Crossley has Dubai's drug laws and enforcement issues under the spotlight again.

18 February 2023

Detained in Dubai's CEO, Radha Stirling, issued a statement on the arrest of Kaz Crossley:

17 February 2023

Debt Enforcement & Management
Nerve wracking: Will I be arrested at the airport?

8 September 2022

Steve Long, the man who was arrested in Abu Dhabi because he was afraid, returns to England.The special forces veteran was arrested at Abu Dhabi’s international airport after expressing concerns there “could be a bomb on the plane”.  He was sentenced to a £104,000 fine, ...

11 April 2022

In a statement today, Detained in Dubai CEO Radha Stirling who has dealt with numerous drugs related cases, commented on the recent death sentence handed down to Israeli national Fida Kewan in Abu Dhabi over charges that the woman possessed half a kilo of cocaine in her ...

6 April 2022

Grandfather Albert Douglas has been held as an economic hostage in Dubai. He has been beaten, tortured and denied his medication, but the FCDO says “torture in itself is not grounds for a clemency application”.

27 March 2022

Foreign Office Fails Brits Detained Abroad: Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe latest to criticise FCDO

21 March 2022

Today: Abu Dhabi prison shakes as prisoners on frontline of drone strikes

25 January 2022

New Dubai Drug Laws for Billy Hood?

24 January 2022