21 year old New York college student sentenced to 1 year in prison.

2 October 2023

21 year old New York student faces Dubai jail after humiliating airport treatment.

17 September 2023

Israeli PTSD sufferer arbitrarily arrested in Dubai
Debt Enforcement & Management
There is a common misconception, even among debt experts, that Dubai banks don’t have a legal right to collect debts in other countries. Unfortunately this is just not true.

9 April 2021

A British human resources manager has been held in Dubai after her Ukrainian flatmate lodged a police complaint over a “rude” WhatsApp message sent over a petty household dispute arising from her flatmate’s intolerance to her use of the dining table to work from during l...

3 February 2021

A man was arrested last week on arrival at Dubai International Airport, after a police check returned false negative results.The accusations for which he was detained were of a petty nature.  However, had his police and immigration check returned accurate results, the ma...

2 December 2020