Princess Latifa
Dubai’s royal family have used the Instagram account of a British skydiver to publish photos of Princess Latifa at an Emirates Mall cafe and waterfront seafood restaurant. We are advised to expect more photos.

23 May 2021

A photo of Princess Latifa has been circulated on Instagram by skydiving instructor, ironman triathlete and former Royal Navy member Sioned Taylor.

22 May 2021

Princess Latifa
From onboard Nostromo, after Latifa’s daring escape from Dubai, she contacted Detained in Dubai CEO Radha Stirling and the two exchanged messages up until her capture. The messages showcase how determined the princess was to secure her freedom.
Princess Latifa
US/French spy Hervé Jaubert says he advocates for a quiet diplomatic resolution for Latifa, concerned that the latest videos put her in danger. "Nostromo located because of friend's phone" and the violent three government approved attack at sea.

18 March 2021