German national Dieter Kellouche was jailed in Sharjah for offending a Sheikh.  He suffered outrageous treatment that led him to go on hunger strike. German ministers accused the government of “abandoning” Dieter, neglecting to even visit him for over a year and failing ...

11 May 2022

Dieter Kellouche waited days for surgery, was deprived of painkillers after being attacked in his bunk bed.

26 June 2021

“The treatment of my husband has been absolutely appalling,” said Dieter’s wife Suki who is advocating for the release of her 42 year old husband. “Dieter is a gentle man and what he’s gone through has been horrific. He’d never hurt a fly. He’s been thrown into a Sharjah...

20 June 2021

Violence breaks out over instant noodles, leaving Dieter Kellouche with broken bones.

18 June 2021

“Foreign Minister Heiko Maas abandons the German Dieter Kellouche in the Arab prison"

2 April 2021

Princess Latifa
The United Nations in its own right, may not have the influence or power to secure the freedom of a person who has been kidnapped or detained without due process. They may not be able to act to stop human rights violations or even torture, and they may be slow to process...

18 March 2021

Desperate plea from German detained in UAE at whim of autonomous Sheikh

1 March 2021

42 year old Dieter Kellouche has resorted to a hunger strike after his entire life was stolen by an Emirati Sheikh in a judicial system where a spiteful allegation is enough to condemn a victim to a life sentence.Radha Stirling interviewed Dieter’s brother Thomas on her ...

8 December 2020

German citizen Dieter Kellouche was good friends with a UAE government official and tribal leader, but upset him and is now serving a life sentence.

23 November 2020