Gulf in Justice host, Radha Stirling, interviews Mr Zulfi Bujhari, special advisor to Prime Minister Imran Khan, the “most popular PM in Pakistan’s history”.  Mr Bujhari explains what led to the ousting and subsequent persecution of PM Khan and his entire party, their fa...

5 April 2024

Radha Stirling is the leading exponent of highlighting human rights abuses and assisting those caught in legal disputes in Dubai, and the UAE.  She had a key role in the famous failed freedom escape of Princess Latifa.

11 June 2022

CONVICTED - Across Borders Podcast - “Arrested in Abu Dhabi with Nichole Coffel and Radha Stirling

12 August 2021

Former advisor to Ras Al Khaimah ruler, Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi, breaks silence. Khater Massaad is the former CEO of RAKIA, RAK Ceramics and various enterprises embarked upon during his tenure and before the ruler’s purge of foreign nationals he felt “knew too muc...

10 February 2021

Due Process International
Radha Stirling, founder of Detained in Doha, an organisation who assists those who face injustice in Qatar, issued a statement on the detention of Australian nationals who have been held without charge since July.  Stirling, who founded Detained in Dubai in 2008 and the ...

28 December 2020

Discussed:  RISKS to Israelis keen to invest in Dubai - Sean Hannity weighs in.The Israeli commerce sector is excited for reciprocal trade and commerce, looking forward to openly accepting Arab investors into local activities. But what does the future hold for unsuspecti...

20 December 2020

42 year old Dieter Kellouche has resorted to a hunger strike after his entire life was stolen by an Emirati Sheikh in a judicial system where a spiteful allegation is enough to condemn a victim to a life sentence.Radha Stirling interviewed Dieter’s brother Thomas on her ...

8 December 2020

Joseph Sarlak, for the first time speaks out on his ongoing imprisonment in Qatar, denouncing the Australian government in an exclusive interview with Middle Eastern justice expert Radha Stirling.  His friend Andrew Gordon believes Joe’s treatment is reflective of a soci...

7 December 2020