A group of Australians are planning to stage a protest at the World Cup stadium to free Joseph Sarlak, a 72 year old man who has suffered three years in prison and has been left in limbo ever since. His health has deteriorated badly. He has been given endless empty promi...

8 November 2022

Australian hostage in Qatar - “Don’t come to the World Cup”.

27 September 2022

The 23 year old women’s rights activist was living in exile in Cardiff when she agreed to return to Qatar after authorities promised she would be safe. While some news reports have suggested she was executed, reports have indicated she is being forcibly drugged and held...

15 December 2021

A frail 72 year old retired great grandfather is a “pack of bones” after being ripped from a flight home to Australia to be reunited with his family after a year of being stranded in Africa during covid. The father of two, who is suffering from dementia, was desperate to...

15 October 2021

Due Process International
Radha Stirling, founder of Detained in Doha, an organisation who assists those who face injustice in Qatar, issued a statement on the detention of Australian nationals who have been held without charge since July.  Stirling, who founded Detained in Dubai in 2008 and the ...

28 December 2020

9 News Australia publishes the Gulf Injustice Podcast on Joe Sarlak

8 December 2020

Joseph Sarlak, for the first time speaks out on his ongoing imprisonment in Qatar, denouncing the Australian government in an exclusive interview with Middle Eastern justice expert Radha Stirling.  His friend Andrew Gordon believes Joe’s treatment is reflective of a soci...

7 December 2020