24 year old footballer, Billy Hood, has been moved to Abu Dhabi prison and hasn’t been in ouch since, leaving his family distressed and confused.

8 November 2021

“Sheikh Mohammed - Save my husband. He needs medical treatment in the UK”

26 October 2021

Dubai's long anticipated expo is finally in full swing, but so is the worldwide media in highlighting human rights abuses and even boycotting the expo.

20 October 2021

Billy Hood to remain in prison for further six weeks says Abu Dhabi court

19 October 2021

72 year old great grandfather William Meyerhoff was arrested en route to Australia over bounced cheque allegations from a company he worked for over a decade ago. UAE diplomats promised to release him, saying “we sometimes make mistakes”.

18 October 2021

Join Billy's friends and supporters today, calling on the British government to help Billy come home. Radha Stirling, CEO of Detained in Dubai has set up a petition to the UK government to increase travel warnings to the UAE based on ongoing and repeated unfair detention...

16 October 2021

A frail 72 year old retired great grandfather is a “pack of bones” after being ripped from a flight home to Australia to be reunited with his family after a year of being stranded in Africa during covid. The father of two, who is suffering from dementia, was desperate to...

15 October 2021

Prisoner warns Billy Hood's family “Britain won’t help you”.

13 October 2021

Harrowing call from Dubai Prison.  Listen to the podcast below.

21 September 2021

“You make a video just for our internal media purposes or option 2, well you won’t like option 2.”

17 September 2021