In July a British woman was arrested in Italy for an Interpol Red Notice because of an unpaid credit card. She was held for 30 days facing the prospect of extradition to the UAE to face imprisonment.  In August a British man was detained by Interpol in Germany for a simi...

29 November 2020

Mohammad Imran Hussain, husband and father of four, who worked as business development manager for US giant Dow Chemical, suffered permanent brain damage, rendering him disabled and incapable of caring for himself. He checked into Mediclinic for a routine heart operation...

29 November 2020

German citizen Dieter Kellouche was good friends with a UAE government official and tribal leader, but upset him and is now serving a life sentence.

23 November 2020

Interpol & Extradition
Interpol has come under increased scrutiny over the past decade, as countries notorious for human rights violations, have abused their membership with Interpol to expand their powers of arrest beyond their borders, resulting in countless arrests that never should have ha...

12 November 2020

British Ambassador to Qatar inherits “tough job” with calls to rescue British hostages.  

11 November 2020

Detained in Dubai calls on the UK government to intervene in outrageous abuse of young students facing prosecution after a run in with Dubai rental car company.

22 October 2020

Litigation & Civil Justice
The London office of international law firm Dechert and its controversial former global co-head of white-collar crime, Neil Gerrard, have had a second High Court claim filed against them for allegedly abusing the human rights of another political prisoner detained in the...

15 October 2020