Princess Latifa
US/French spy Hervé Jaubert says he advocates for a quiet diplomatic resolution for Latifa, concerned that the latest videos put her in danger. "Nostromo located because of friend's phone" and the violent three government approved attack at sea.

18 March 2021

Due Process International
Due Process on trial in Bangladesh as British courts expose hacking, forced confessions and torture being used in Dhaka's High Court.

11 March 2021

Princess Latifa
Unprecedented attack on US yacht calls for Princess Latifa to be returned to US jurisdiction

7 March 2021

Detained in Dubai - by Radha Stirling - The Jerusalem Report

5 March 2021

Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi seeks to woo Bangladesh’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Shahriar Alam, MP in Khater Massaad case, raising egregious human rights issues

3 March 2021

Desperate plea from German detained in UAE at whim of autonomous Sheikh

1 March 2021

A series of lawsuits has sparked investment warnings to be issued to business councils, investment and financial advisors, lawyers, entrepreneurs and governments.

17 February 2021

Twitter accused of pandering to Gulf States by shutting down human rights organisation who helped Princess Latifa, daughter of Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum.

12 February 2021

A British woman is lobbying for the release of her new husband, Karim Ennarah who was arrested while on a Red Sea holiday with friends, where she had intended to join him in a few days.

12 February 2021

Former advisor to Ras Al Khaimah ruler, Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi, breaks silence. Khater Massaad is the former CEO of RAKIA, RAK Ceramics and various enterprises embarked upon during his tenure and before the ruler’s purge of foreign nationals he felt “knew too muc...

10 February 2021