Detained in Dubai's CEO, Radha Stirling, issued a statement on the arrest of Kaz Crossley:

17 February 2023

The Miss World pageant, the oldest beauty contest in the world, will be held in Dubai this year, according to organisers. The move is expected to ignite considerable criticism, given that the UAE trails most of the world in all metrics that measure gender equality and w...

15 February 2023

Detained in Dubai’s 15th anniversary celebration

10 February 2023

Interpol & Extradition
Indian citizens are more likely to be imprisoned in the UAE than in any other country in the world. “There are over 8,000 Indian nationals incarcerated in foreign jails,” says Radha Stirling, CEO of Due Process International and founder of Detained in Dubai, “Roughly hal...

24 January 2023

As the first private jets from Moscow were landing in the UAE, Radha Stirling, CEO of Detained in Dubai and Due Process International, warned that the Emirates would quickly become Russian oligarchs’ preferred sanctions-avoidance destination for their targeted riches. “W...

18 January 2023

Saudi Arabia’s de facto ruler, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is a dangerous figure. Equal parts despot, dictator, mafia-style don, but also political and social reformer; he is attempting to bend the kingdom to his will and drag Saudi Arabia kicking and screaming int...

13 January 2023

UAE lifts alcohol regulations, increases likelihood of arrest

6 January 2023

Interpol & Extradition
Egypt's extradition request of Sherif Osman fails.
The World Cup in Qatar has passed without any reported arrests or police incidents involving British citizens, counter to expectations. While some have speculated that the restrictions on the availability of alcohol may have played a decisive role in the relative tranqui...

22 December 2022

Between the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, the Emirates Investment Authority, Mubadala, and the Investment Corporation of Dubai; the UAE’s Sovereign Wealth Funds control well over $1 trillion. That is roughly equivalent to the total assets of the China Investment Fund,...

7 December 2022